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Hi, I'm Jake. You've arrived at my personal Web site, and I'm so glad you came. For those of you that don't already know me, let me tell you a little bit about myself. Yes, you're right; I am a dog, but not an ordinary dog. I can talk to children but not to adults. Only children hear my words, and when they mature they'll no longer hear me speak, they'll just hear noises.

I'm a herder, and my breed usually works on a farm to help the farmer herd cows, sheep or even chickens. We usually learn to herd when we're very young. Well, when I was born, I knew right away that I didn't want to herd animals; I just wanted to be with children.

My very special job is to help children. Many of my friends had problems they couldn't talk about, with anyone else. They were able to talk to me, and I gave them my best advice. I'm here to help as many kids as I can. We all need someone to talk to, especially when something, or someone, is hurting us. It might be a little problem, or something that hurts on the inside, where most people can't see it. I want to help you with whatever your problem may be. If something or someone is hurting you, please write to me, and let me help.

I believe children are all special. You can do and be anything you chose, if you never stop trying, and never give up. I am here to help you and your friends whenever you need me. You can e-mail me from this site, or write to my Post Office Box.

If you haven't read my book, Only Children Hear Me, you can order it from this site. You'll learn all about me and where I was born. The book tells you how I became a guardian for children and about some of the problems my friends have had, and how I was able to help them.

While you're here visiting with me, please check out my Photo Gallery. You'll find pictures of my brothers and me when we were puppies and some of me now that I'm grown. I hope you enjoy them. Please come back again.

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